DST, Nora Clauson (Jan. 29, 1974)


For two weeks now we, like other obedient citizens, have been playing “Simon Says” at the risk of our children’s lives and safety.

In pitch blackness and at the coldest hour of the day, we have marched them to one of St. Paul’s busiest corners, where valiant school police boys and girls daily step into the street and risk their own lives (unnecessarily) raising red flags that even with reflective tape cannot be easily seen.

At Maryland and Rose the situation is incredible. Here there are no semaphores or reflective tape and the sight of a shadowy line of small children crossing the onslaught of Maryland Avenue 8:00 a.m. traffic is chilling indeed.

Dr. Young says out of consideration for working mothers we cannot reschedule school starting time. Has he asked any working mothers whether they place their own convenience above their children’s safety? From my own past experience as a Day Care mother I’m sure that many working mothers must make arrangements for several hours before and several after school hours.

We at Phalen Park Elementary have now been given the option of sending our children at the regular time (8:10) or 35 minutes later (8:45). Although we feel this cheats our children out of 35 minutes of school time, we have decided to take the option and hope enough other St. Paul parents will do the same. Only if enough of us refuse to play “Simon Says” will we be able to get a change in this dangerous game before a tragedy occurs.


St. Paul