Handicapped Rights, Nora Clauson


The inconsistency of our City Council (Mr. Tedesco excepted) confuses me. They have weakened to the extent of granting certain basic rights, especially employment, to “gays” and at the same time they have tabled a city ordinance which would grant these same rights to the handicapped who are already entitled to them by state law!

Of course we all know that the problems of the simple working man really started when women were granted equal rights under the law! Ever since Eve men haven’t really been safe, but until recent radical legislation at least they could find refuge at work. We have Mr. Tedesco to protect St. Paul firemen from “gays” but heaven help Minneapolis firemen, now that women have been added to their ranks.

In one area, at least, St. Paul remains an island fortress-protecting its “able bodied” employees from total depravity. And you can thank our City Council, particularly Mrs. Hunt and her committee for this. For almost a year now they have successfully tabled a city ordinance that would have brought St. Paul into conformance with state law regarding handicapped.

Of course, it will cost us all more in welfare costs — to say nothing of lost tax revenues. Unless, that is, someone passes a law legalizing euthanasia to those we deem unworthy of either work or welfare.

But everyone knows that handicaps are “catching” and if we grant equal rights to recovered mental patients, epileptics, diabetics, paraplegics, the blind, the deaf — even arrested cancer patients — who among us would be safe? If you don’t belong to one of these minorities — or at least until you do — your City Council is protecting you.

St. Paul