Happy Easter! Nora Clauson (April, 1984)

Saint Paul, Minn.

April, 1984

Happy Easter!

In our yard…this Easter season…the tulips are poking their thru the ground. In the kitchen window, under the Grow Light, are two-inch high tomato plants (Gardner’s Delight). Also Pansys, Luffa Sponges, Dusty Miller, and a half-dozen other “seed experiments” that were my birthday present from the family.

We enjoy watching the little ones grow…Sean’s vocabulary multiplies daily, for which we are so very grateful…remembering last year’s bout with hearing problems. Crysi’s imagination delights us…she is so impatient to read…and learn…last week she posed a real stumper…”Can Jesus stop the Volcano?”

We enjoy watching the little ones grow…life is never dull around 2 and 4 year olds! We enjoy being on ground level…it will be a year in May that we switched apartments with M, MJ, and family.

Mike drives every day to Plymouth, and sometimes goes along on the long delivery runs to Rochester and elsewhere in the state.

Mary Jo’s Day Care business is thriving.

Gordy completes his first ten years as Security Monitor for the schools, and has a little more free time now that he has finished three full three year terms as a Saint Paul Human Rights Commissioner.

I am still enjoying my work at the Minnesota Historical Society, where we are now the center of a controversy. It seems the State Supreme Court wants our building…and in the next few days it should be decided whether we will stay where we are and expand…or move…to a downtown location that would connect with the new proposed World Trade Center…pr to Fort Snelling, which is part of MHS…and out of Saint Paul entirely.

We enjoy the fellowship of the folks at Hazel Park Alliance Church, where we are looking forward to sharing a good Special Musical Program, Easter Breakfast, etc. in addition to our week to week activities. We appreciate the close friendships we have found here, something rare in urban congregations.

We look forward to some short “Discover Wisconsin and Minnesota” trips this summer…saving and planning for a possible “dream” trip South next Feb. or so…possibly to Nashville?…Especially if next winter is anything like this last one!

Have a good summer…and a good year! If you have time, drop a note. We always enjoy hearing from old friends! If you’re in town, give us a ring, and maybe we can get together. Our number is (612) 776-6495. Gordy usually sleeps mornings with his present schedule, but most evenings you’ll find us home. If we should pass your way, we’d love to do the same.

If we’re not overcome with flu, colds, the weather, or simple exhaustion come Christmas 1984, we’ll try to send you a card, because we do enjoy sending and receiving them, and its a tradition that’s hard to give up. But if you don’t hear, we hope you’ll understand.

This Easter Letter just may become our new tradition!

Love and prayers,

Gordy and Nora Clauson