Gospel Mission: Nora Clauson

I found the following (and attached) clipping in my grandmother’s files:


Night after night last summer we marched and picketed with Mrs. Chapman and our East Side neighbors to protest porno movies.

Now I understand there is a new target, the Union Gospel Mission. Sorry, my friends, but this time, count me out! Hospitals attract sick people, too, but the way to a healthier neighborhood is not to chase out the hospitals.

Rightly, or wrongly, the mission is being forced out of downtown, but do we have to be equally as short sighted? There are already a few entrenched establishments on Payne Avenue that are contributing to human wreckage. Let’s attack the causes before we go after those that are binding up the wounds. Or if we don’t have the courage to do that, let’s bring in a detoxification center, too, and try to cure the body as well as the soul.

For a number of years, because of ill health and resultant low income, we lived in public housing, and the Mission was the truest friend our children ever had! They found a welcome there that was missing in a good many churches, and I can never think of summer camps, or after-school clubs, or Christmas parties without a deep-deep sense of gratitude.

Surely, I can’t be alone. Aren’t there other East Siders who will join me in saying “Welcome, Neighbors!” to the Union Gospel Mission?

St. Paul